How can I make my purchase?
There are two ways you can order online:
1. Email - You can place your order by this system for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to:  

2. Online Store Making a purchase could not be easier. Simply find the product in our
Online Store and place your order. You can browse through the different categories of products in the catalog. Once you find the product you are interested you can check your specifications and details.
Proceed to add to the Shopping Cart, the item selected by the "Add to Cart" button that appears on the product detail tab.
We ship our creations around the world.  Upon receipt of payment from the payment method chosen by you, (bank transfer or PayPal) will ship your order to the address you have provided. We offer free shipping with any purchase all over the world.

What are the payment methods?
The potential ways of payment are bank transfer or PayPal. If you decide to make the payment by bank transfer, you must transfer the amount to the account number that we provide at the time making the purchase. In the same way, if you choose to pay by PayPal, we will indicate our PayPal Address as soon as you confirm your purchase in our
Online Store. We will be shipping the custom made. In all cases, at the time to formalize the payment and from that moment, within twenty days you will receive your order.

Can I order a custom design?

You can order any design you want. Although not available on the web, we can paint by hand, for example, miniature paintings with animals designs and other forms of nature, human figures, landscapes framed by medallions of artistic jewelry. Also silk sarongs (180 x 90 cm) , tank tops or T-shirts, other measures scarves, paintings on silk, oil or acrylic. The possibilities are endless and We can study and accept any proposal.


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